In the Cretaceous period, when nearly the whole of current-day Italy lay under the sea bed, the seismic geological shifts began that would eventually give rise to the rich mix of soils and rocks found in Casanova di Neri’s seven vineyards. Over the following millennia, this geomorphic evolution would sculpt the hill of Montalcino and the river basins of the Ombrone and Orcia that surround it, giving rise to soils like the friable clay shale known as galestro, with which the Sangiovese grape has such a strong affinity, as well as mineral riches like the precious onyx found at our Pietradonice vineyard, which occupies the site of a former quarry.

Our vineyards are the beating heart of the winery and our greatest wealth. Extraordinary grapes are sourced from them which are the basis of the production of our wines.

7 magnificent vineyards located within the appellation area: Fiesole, Cerretalto, Collalli, Podernuovo, Pietradonice, Giovanni Neri and Cetine.
Their diversity of soil, exposition, microclimate and age of the vines create our concept of terroir as well as the identity of our wines and their outstanding personality.
They show the unique potential of our Sangiovese and their extraordinary quality comes from the combination of a suitable territory, our work, our knowledge, our experience and our passion. 

Our grapes are the result of a selection of Sangiovese Grosso sourced from the Cerretalto vineyard. Then a long breeding process contributes to the creation of our clone. This clone planted in each of our vineyards releases a different result in the different sides of Montalcino. Each result has a specific personality but at the same time each of them are deeply related to the one which in the years became the Sangiovese of Casanova di Neri.


Location: East, North-East of Montalcino

Altitude: 350-380 metres a.s.l.
Esposition: South-East
Soil: Galestro

An ever-dependable classic: perfect aspect, soil and sunlight.

The vineyard adjacent to the company headquarters and cellar.


Location: East of Montalcino

Altitude: 270-300 metres a.s.l
Esposition: East
Soil: Galestro marl with alluvial stone and eroded rock rich in iron, magnesium and plinthites.

Purity, diversity, longevity. A terroir with no equals in Montalcino or in all of Italy.


Location: East of Montalcino

Altitude: 250-320 metres a.s.l.
Esposition: South-East
Soil: Calcareous clay

When it rains the salt-water spring in this vineyard releases a thin saline film which makes the terrain quite unique.

It’s just like turning water into wine.


Location: East, North-East of Montalcino

Altitude: 420-490 metres a.s.l.
Esposition: South-Est 
Soil: Galestro

There's a very special microclimate in this highest of Casanova di Neri’s vineyards.

Vines share the plot with sweet chestnut trees, and make a gift of grapes that excel in elegance, length of flavour and variety of aromas.


Location: South-East of Montalcino

Altitude: 250-300 metres a.s.l.
Esposition: South-East
Soil: Galesto marl with a rich skeleton grain due to the presence of onyx.

Located near an ancient onyx quarry, this vineyard owes it unique qualities to the abundant presence of this mineral in the soil.


Location: South of Montalcino 

Altitude: 320-390 metres a.s.l.
Esposition: South
Soil: Galestro marl with important deposits of clay and tufa.

Located in an area with a vocation for great wine, this large vineyard with its perfect aspect and unique soil quality boasts some very mature vines.


Location: South of Montalcino

Altitude: 275-320 metres a.s.l.
Esposition: South-East, South, South-West
Soil: Galestro marl with tufa and clay, rich in skeleton grain.

This vineyard occupies a hump-backed hill surrounded by low woodlands of Mediterranean maquis.