Long before wine became the heart and soul of Casanova di Neri's activities, our founder, Giovanni Neri, was a grain merchant.

Wheat and spelt cultivation has always been one of our most important activities, carried out with great care and attention to detail. 

Spelt and Durum wheat, grown sustainably with great respect for nature and the land, are the basis for selected products. Milled in the traditional way, these cereals are used to make Casanova di Neri pasta.

With their authentic flavours, our tagliatelle, rigatoni and fusilli extend and enrich the range of Casanova di Neri products.

Our ten hectares [25 acres] of olive groves, where the Olivastra, Leccino and Correggiolo varieties flourish, provide an extra virgin olive oil of extraordinary refinement and quality.

The olives are hand-picked and pressed daily to preserve all their sensory nuances. With its unmistakable deep colour, delicate perfume and complex tastes, ours is a perfect example of all that's precious about Tuscan olive oils.

A special Grappa di Brunello completes our product range. Produced according to traditional methods, with the pomace from our grapes, it's richly scented, with a character that is both delicate and intense.