With its gaze firmly fixed on Montalcino, our cellar looks out over a landscape that recalls 14th-century Italian master Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s celebrated fresco Allegory of Good Government, blending harmoniously into a unique setting of pristine natural beauty.

Facing north, the cellar is almost completely built into the hillside, ensuring constant, naturally regulated levels of temperature and humidity.

Our winemaking philosophy provided the foundations for the cellar design: a natural approach involving the minimum possible environmental impact. Built to measure in order to meet Casanova di Neri’s exact needs, the facility spreads over several levels, to allow gravity to do its work.

Respecting the quality of our grapes is our prime concern in the course of a production process which strives to bring out the distinctive personality of each of the vineyards they originate from.

Grapes are selected on our magnificent terrace with its view of Montalcino. As soon as they're harvested, the grape bunches undergo manual selection before being de-stemmed. In the second stage, each grape passes through an optical sorting machine. When only the finest fruit has been chosen, gravity alone funnels whole grapes downwards to fermentation tanks on the lower floor.

The meticulous care we dedicate to our vineyards is mirrored in the cellar. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled, open-topped truncated conical vats of steel and wood. Our painstaking attention to detail at each stage of the vinification process means that the quality of every single grape is respected, allowing us to extract only the best tannins and preserve the colour and aromas.

Slow ageing in wood, in our two spacious, atmospheric barrel rooms, allows the wine’s aroma and bouquet to express all its character and harmony.

Once bottled, the wines are placed in our imposing storeroom, ready to be clothed in elegant labels for dispatch around the world.